9 Business Lessons, Included Templates & Strategic Planners

Welcome to the Master Strategy Planner– Lessons to Create and Launch Profitable Business Strategies.

This book was written with the goal of walking a novice or even an experienced entrepreneur down the path of setting a specific goal, getting accountability and creating a plan for it, then building strategic profit paths and products for their business.

This planner covers the most intricate and often missed details of creating business income, determining exactly who you need to reach and how to leverage the knowledge of others, create and vet the members of your business team.

Each section of the planner has included worksheets and templates to help you build your plan while you learn.

About The Author

After founding Women CEO Project in 2010, I had an awesome opportunity to reach and teach ambitious entrepreneurs from every corner of the earth. This opportunity afforded me a chance to learn the true needs of novice and even advanced entrepreneurs and the steps they needed help with on the path to entrepreneurial success.

This planner was created from my coaching practice where I diligently took notes on the types of planners, templates and organization that my clients could use to be effective in their business. After 2 years of research and note taking, the Master Strategy Planner was launched.

One of the things that I do BEST, is get in your business, find the MOST strategic ways of getting connected to the right people, increasing your financial funnels, and creating systems, operations and strategic plans that get your initiatives DONE, and your business goals met.

Over the course of 5 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of smaller, one woman shows, on up to Fortune 500 Companies and political campaigns.


Now, I am excited to share some of my most tested and used strategies combined into one planner for you to create the most powerful and profit-oriented businesses that you can.



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